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It’s true that Craig ditched the come-hither posturing of the Moore and Brosnan years, the sense of vanity.His defining moment in his first ever fight sequence in Casino Royale was when he came crashing down through a building site: on hitting the ground, he merely shook his head to fend off concussion, and continued on.But would the Bond films be better off without him?Bond fans love to hate Craig’s second 007 film, Quantum of Solace, for its haphazard action scenes, lack of memorable villains and a title even more meaningless than Never Say Never Again.When she subjects Glinda the good fairy, aka Michelle Williams, to prolonged electric shocks I think it’s fair to say we don’t need to be told we’re not in Kansas any more. In real life, Michelle is a great friend, funny and ironic and very clever, and our kids play together, so it was tremendous fun to demonstrate such pleasure as I tried to destroy her.” When we meet, Weisz is ensconced in a suite at Claridge’s and there are no green bolts of lightening sizzling from her fingertips.A black jumpsuit and five-inch Jimmy Choo heels highlight her svelte physique. ” trills a Disney apparatchik helpfully through an open doorway.It was clear there would be no Brosnan-esque smarm on his watch.Still, this down-and-dirty machismo has been a less enduring boon than we might have hoped.

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But after Skyfall and Spectre — on which more in a second — the vicious lustre of Craig’s Bond has well and truly faded.

But you know, as soon as I heard Rachel Weisz was in this whizz-bang big budget 3D prequel, I instantly knew it would be top-notch. Because Weisz, 42, the Cambridge graduate with the glossy, swishy A-list hair and the slow, full-lipped smile is the unofficial kite mark of quality on any movie.

She radiates intelligence, honesty, a rather old-fashioned clear-eyed loveliness and, above all, class.

But his company, like that of any prickly and humourless party guest, is becoming awfully hard work. Most would point to Connery as the all-round winner in this area, but those famously bulging swimming trunks in Casino Royale could well bag Craig a silver medal.

He had a brutish animal magnetism when he took over — so where has it gone?

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